A Father's Relationship With His Family

A fathers relationship with his family’s unique in regards to any other bond formed. Chest up, head held high, he walks out into the world driven by his determination to get back home and bear the fruits of his labor to his kin. The armor he wears outside instantly dismantles once he steps foot inside his home. Now vulnerable, the bombardment of hugs and kisses soak into his skin and become absorbed by his heart, like rain to the root of a tree; triggering the growth of the already infinite love he has for them.

Symbolic of strength, logic, wisdom, protection, and sacrifice; a father acts as bulletproof glass, shielding his family from projectiles fired by life. Back facing the world, arms wrapped around his loved ones, he endures as the glass wears and cracks begin to form. Sometimes life becomes overbearing, but the unconditional love and support from his family reinforces the glass and provides him the fuel to keep going. So, today let’s top off the tank and show him how much he really means to us. Happy Fathers Day!

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